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At Nashville ENT Audiology, we are committed to improving our patients’ lives by providing the best in hearing healthcare. Our staff of well-educated audiologists have years of experience in bringing the best possible hearing care to Middle Tennessee.

Our staff Audiologists are trained to diagnose and improve hearing disorders related to both conductive and nerve type hearing loss. We provide hearing tests as well as selecting and fitting hearing aids. Other services include:

  • Audiometric Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Sales/Service
  • Evaluation and Programming of Cochlear Implants
  • Tinnitus Devices
  • Balance Testing


All of our physicians did extended training to become board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine or family medicine.  This allows us to provide specialized primary care to the entire family.  We see infants from day 1 in the nursery and are able to continue to care for the older adult and every stage of life in between. All of our physicians are currently accepting new patients.

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The specialist who referred you to our center, as well as most of the physicians who do procedures here, are also part owners of the center. You have other choices, and we will be very happy to discuss those alternatives with you.

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