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Through extraordinary events, natural disasters and now unprecedented health concerns,

Saint Thomas Medical Group stands by your side.


We encourage YOU to wear a Face Mask to be seen in our offices if sick. 

Our Telehealth is easy to use and works with your existing smartphone, tablet or computer.

Simply call our offices at Saint Thomas Medical Group to schedule your time.

Communicate with your physicians

  • Do not delay the necessary medical care over the fear of COVID-19. Delay may cause a mild health condition to become a severe illness and may result in worsened long-term health consequences.
  • Many physicians offer telehealth visits, and patients of all ages love them! Check with your doctor to see if telehealth visits are available.
  • Communicate with your doctor or nurse by phone or even email.
  • Talk to your primary care doctor about any upcoming tests or procedures.
  • If you must visit the doctor in-person, call first to understand their new policies.
  • If you think you are sick, before you go to ER call the office first, and follow their guidance.

Take your medications

  • Continue to take your medications as prescribed. Do not put yourself at risk by reducing or skipping doses. Call your primary care physician if you have any questions about your medications or side effects.
  • Ask your doctor and pharmacist for a larger supply of your medicines. 90-day mail-order supplies are commonly available and convenient. Call your health plan to enroll in these services.
  • Limit in-person visits to the pharmacy. Pick up all your prescriptions at once.
  • Call prescription orders in ahead of time. Use drive-thru windows, curbside services, mail-order, or other delivery services.

Make a Commitment to Wellness 

Primary care physicians are committed to ensuring patients get the very best of care and don’t miss any critical visits during this time of social distancing. Many practices have arranged to conduct a wellness visit virtually to limit the potential for exposure and would like to connect with patients in the comfort and safety of their homes.  Below is a list of items that could be addressed as part of a virtual visit.

  • Review and update of medical and family history
  • Reconciliation of medications
  • Review of specialists and providers providing care
  • Measurement of height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, other medically necessary routine measurements as we are able
  • Review of preventative screenings
  • Review of risk factors for depression
  • Review of treatment options which may improve health and quality of life
  • Review of functional ability and the activities of daily living
  • Recommendation of health education or specific disease management programs

Services Which Are Available Virtually

  • Discussing any new symptoms that may be emerging
  • Reviewing or renewing regular medications
  • Examining any changes in chronic conditions
  • Reviewing any risk factors for depression
  • Discussing and addressing lifestyle changes in diet or exercise that could affect health
  • Reviewing treatment options available remotely which may improve health and quality of life
  • Reviewing functional ability and basic tasks of daily living
  • Recommending health education or specific disease management programs


We highly recommend a yearly flu shot. The  best way to prevent infection is to wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, use alcohol based sanitizer if soap and water are not available, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face (eyes/nose/mouth), clean your mobile devices often, limit social interactions, stay home if you are sick and stay away from people who are sick.

Please let us know if we can help. 

Make an Appointment

Book an appointment with your doctor online or by giving us a call today. New patient? No problem. We’ll get you set up.

Patient Portal

HealthCare Support Portal facilitates better communication with your physician’s office by providing convenient 24 x 7 access.

Pay Bill Online

We try to make paying your bills as easy and secure as possible. All you need is your card and invoice number. We’ll do the rest.

Dr Vallejo is a marvelous physician who cares about her patience and is very thorough. Best Dr I have.

Always an excellent experience with Dr. Somai and her staff! Dr. Somai is a phenomenal Rheumatologist!

We’ve (pretty much the whole family) been seeing Dr. Timothy Mangrum for several years. I have never seen anyone better. He and his staff are wonderful. He actually takes time to listen not just run in for a minute and leave. Any time someone is looking for a doctor, I always give them Dr. Mangrum’s number.

I’ve been going to doctors in this practice for 49 years and have been a patient of Dr. Benjamin Hill for the last several years. Dr. Hill is the finest Doctor I’ve ever known. He’s not only brilliant but he’s friendly and is willing to spend as much time as necessary with each patient.

I really appreciate Dr. Somai my rheumatologist always listening with care and compassion for my on going health issues. The way she consults with my primary care doctor is very important to me. Her front desk staff is most pleasant.

They are wonderful they took great care of me when I had heart surgery and I would like to thank each and every one that took care of me.

Love this group. Dr Krakauer caught my husband
Blood clot and is an amazing doctor. We would recommend him to anyone!!! Being a nurse it can be hard to find good doctors on referrals but Every doc he has sent us to had been amazing

Dr. Bess is consistently generous with her time and answers all of my questions thoroughly. I feel that my thoughts and ideas regarding my health are valued and I am never talked down to or overlooked.

Each physician I see has such a passion for their practice. Office visits are always on time.

Our location

Enter the campus and proceed past the Emergency Room, Admitting and the Heart Institute Parking. Enter the garage on the right, which reads “Parking for Doctor’s Appointments.” This garage is located under the Medical Plaza Building. If you need special help, proceed to the blue level of the garage. Wheelchairs are available. Proceed to plaza elevators to the suite of your specific doctor. To find a specific doctor, click here