How Does Physical Therapy Help With Back Pain?

Back pain. Just about everybody gets it at some point.

The question is… how do you deal with it?

Rest, ice, opiates, yoga, stretching, sleeping… there are many responses, ranging from healthy to unhealthy… from pharmaceutical to natural.

Our team at St. Thomas Medical Group proudly partners with Results Physiotherapy in treating many instances of back pain. As we like to say, it’s time to think about physical therapy as a first line of defense. Physical therapy isn’t just for post-operative patients or individuals who have already tried other modalities.

If at all possible, treating back pain naturally through physical therapy is our preference. Of course, there are many considerations to take into account; patient and injury circumstances can vary widely. Talk to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

As detailed in a previous post, we recommend seeing a physical therapist first for a number of reasons:

  • It may be faster to go straight to the physical therapist after an acute injury, rather than go to your primary care provider only to get referred to a physical therapist.
  • It’s sometimes easier to get the care you need for a very specific back injury directly from the physical therapist.
  • It can be cheaper to make just one co-pay directly to the physical therapist (as opposed to your primary care provider and your physical therapist).

Also, did you know that as of 2007, Tennessee residents are able to schedule appointments with physical therapists without physician referral? This makes your path to care so much easier!

4 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help With Back Pain

Our friends at Results Physiotherapy share four ways that physical therapy can help with lower back pain. If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain and not seeking professional help, give them a buzz!

#1 Stretch – The number one recommendation? Stretch! If you suffer from lower back pain, exercising and stretching those muscles can provide strength and support, help maintain a normal range of motion, and potentially provide pain relief. Oftentimes, back pain is caused by lack of use.

#2 Movement Control Exercises – Whether you have acute or persistent back pain, it’s possible that the pain may be a result of back muscles compensating for poor posture or movement patterns. Movement control exercises help “retrain the spine’s muscles,” as Results Physiotherapy puts it. This can help provide greater support and reduce pain.

#3 Manual Therapy – In the case of non-specific back pain, the experts at Results Physiotherapy often recommend a combination of manual therapy and exercise. Manual therapy may include “joint and soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, passive stretching, and Myofascial release (gentle pressure to Myofascial connective tissue),” according to Craig O’Neil, Vice President of Learning and Affiliation.

#4 Education – Finally, education is a major component of the practice’s approach to using physical therapy to treat back pain. When patients are educated about their symptoms, knowledgable about how to care for themselves, and equipped to do so, better outcomes may be possible! Great physical therapists are able to help remove fear of movement, freeing patients to restore their bodies naturally with healthy stretches and exercises.

Schedule An Appointment About Your Back Pain

If you’re currently experiencing back pain in the Nashville area, you can schedule an appointment with Results Physiotherapy online or by calling +1 (615) 373-1350. Additionally, you can see a provider at St. Thomas Medical Group. Just call +1 (615) 297-2700, or make an appointment online.